Vad Härligt det är i Sverige i Sommaren…..

I have two blogs: one that journals my life in Sweden, and this one, which offers me the chance to discuss my innermost thoughts and feelings; my own personal therapy, as it were. Under most circumstances, the two are best kept separate – I doubt many people interested in Sweden want to read my somewhat self-indulgent, deep posts, and vice-versa. That said, although I find the cathartic nature of this blog invaluable, it isn’t a true picture of me, and the life I lead. I have a wonderful life, one that I am incredibly thankful for; and in general, I am an upbeat, happy and positive person. This blog only reflects the negative aspects, and I guess I just wanted to redress the balance slightly, to show that there is more to me than internal angst, and doom and gloom. So, if you’re interested, this shows a snippet of an alternative me.

My Swedish Life

…..which, for the non-Swedish speaking among us, means “how lovely it is in Sweden in the summer”. And it really is.

We’ve been at the summerhouse for two weeks, which is a week longer than I’d planned. H went back to work, and the kids and I just stayed. How glorious to be able to be so spontaneous, without plans, just taking each day as it comes. Doesn’t get any better than that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sensitive person which means I need my space, so having the kids with me literally 24/7 has been tough at times; we’ve had our moments, but the good bits have been so good that the negatives just fade into the distance almost as soon as they happen.

Swedes are good at doing summer; they launch into a never ending supply of BBQs, and relish just being outside. As clichéd as it sounds, they…

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